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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The New Men of Science and Learning

This post is going to sound petty and mean-spirited. Maybe it is. I've seen so much of this since I moved back home that I almost can't believe myself how much stupider people have gotten since I left. Not a day goes by that I don't read something that among thinking people would be labeled insane but around here is considered normal. Compare this letter to the editor from WND:

So where do things like gravity come from? How do you explain the complexity of the cell? How can the flagellum, a single part of a cell which is itself comprised of around 30 parts, happen by chance? Especially when the absence of just one of those 30 parts renders it useless? The sheer complexity of life makes the belief that it happened by chance borderline lunacy. The earth has exactly the right environmental conditions (water, temperature, oxygen, etc.) as well as exactly the right solar orbit (gravity, axial tilt, etc.) and location in the galaxy for life to prosper. You're saying that all this and more happened by chance. [Huge argument from ignorance but coherent]

Ever hear of Copernicus, Galileo and Newton? They knew the universe was created with understandable, discoverable laws that governed its operation, and their faith was a key driving force in their discoveries. [Argument from Authority but coherent]

with this sampling of responses from a local discussion site:

hell is hot.Thanks for playing

kneel down tonight and ask God if what you(gays) are doing is ok, if he answers yes, then u better pray again because it is not right

You would no nothing of scripture if it hit you right in the face! 

God is good all the time all the time God is good!!!

Sorry, your blinded with hatred. If the rich man came out of hell itself and told you its real, God Jehova isreal you still would not believe! 

If you was really wanting to know the mind and heart of the True and Living God he would reveal himself to you. I can tell just by some of the few po dunk post you have made you just have alot of hatred in your heart!

...you f'ing nuts if you think there is homosexual acts in nature and animals your just loopy!

As usual you shot off w/out knowing the context on alot of these verses.

The Lord doesnt take human sacrafice. He sent his son to die for us.

You havent proven anything with ur po dunk arguments!

You have the book on how to live,and how not to live maybe if you studied it instead of wasting time posting here.Things might be more clear to you.

Are you mad because we have the bible or are you mad because you cant comprehend it .
If your going to mouth about the bible how about educate yourself a little.

If your going to use the word Yahweh then spell it correctly. YWHW Your welcome

What the hell kinds of arguments are these? Is this really the best we have to offer? We live in an age of great achievement and this is what we are churning out of our schools. These people cannot think, cannot write, cannot formulate any sort of meaningful response yet they think themselves brilliant. They think they have "won" an argument that they can't even begin to comprehend.

How do we deal with this? How do you reach people who are seemingly beyond reach? Why are these people not laughed straight off discussion boards? Is this the best Mississippi can offer? These people think they are the new men of "science" and "learning." What a joke!

These people breed and these people vote. Let's hope the next generation will look at the sheer, blind ignorance of their parents and strive for something better.

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